The WNBA Show, Episode 8: There Is A Snake Amongst Us

Jack and Ryne are back for another episode of We’re On Live, The WNBA Show to give you the hardest hitting commentary on professional women’s basketball. As usual, they run through the biggest news of the week, like Monique Currie’s tweets and the Lynx’s first loss.

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Then, they are joined by The Summitt’s Brendon Kleen to talk about Diana Taurasi’s new scoring record and Brittney Griner’s excellent offensive season thus far. You can read Brendon’s post about Griner’s 38-point game here.

To top off the show, Jack and Ryne make their All-Star picks with a month to go until the big game. Who will make it? Who will be snubbed? How many Sky players should go? WHO IS THE SNAKE AMONGST US?

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